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Power Stroke 7.3, IH, and CAT 7.3 Remanufactured Injectors
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1994-2000 Heui Injectors

Mylex International has been rebuilding powerstroke injectors for over 5 years now! We have highly trained technicians that know how to rebuild an injector correctly. You could buy a test stand, but just buying a test stand will not build a good injector.  If you want to save money and get a great injector; let us do the work.

$150.00 exchanged:
Comes with gasket set and 12 months unlimited mile warranty (on workmanship, and materials only) (Fuel and Oil related failures not warranted) All cores must be in take off condition for this price. Broken down and pre-rebuilt injectors are more!

"Test & Run Only"

  • If test OK, this means that this injector presently meets Standard Specifications. 
    No other warranty is implied.
  • Core Charge for Power Stroke Injectors $200.00 each (No Incomplete or Burnt cores will be accepted and solenoid must be in good condition for core credit).
  • Quantity Discounts Available on remanufacturing your cores only
  • $32.00 your injector Plus $9.75 Gasket Set- Total $41.75

Mylex International Inc. has a large parts supply for the Power Stroke and Heui Injectors!
# Part Number Price
1 My1001 Solenoid Screw $1.00
2 My2001 Solenoid $20.00
3 My3001 Poppet Screw $1.00
4 My4001 Assembly Screw $1.50
5 My5001 Internal O-rings (3) $1.60
6 My6001 Amplifier $25.00
7 My7001 Amplifier Spring $5.00
8 My8001 New Federal P&B $49.95 cores owed
8 My9001 New Prime P&B $49.95 cores owed
8 My1101 Refit Federal P&B $30.00 cores owed
8 My1201 Refit Prime P&B $39.95 cores owed
9 My1301 Short or long dowel pins $1.00
10 My1401 Nozzle Spring $2.00
11 My1501 Power Stoke Nozzle $59.95 cores owed
12 My1601 External O-ring set (Ford) $9.75
13 My1701 .0055x3.00 Punch wire (pk of 10) $29.95
14 My1801 Powerlock Screw Sealant $12.00
15 My1901 Powerlock Screw Primer $14.00
All names, numbers, symbols, descriptions are for reference purposes only and do not imply that parts listed are of any original equipment manufactures.





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